The Hands-Off Money Flow is a simple method and a set of tools designed to help you spend less time and effort on your personal finances while maximising the value of what you earn

  • done The simple method lets you put your finances on autopilot by using buckets, automated transfers and personalised rules. It is easy to learn but highly effective!
  • done The toolkit gives you a ready-to use spreadsheet and an optional Add-On, saving you time and giving you a clear direction forward
  • done The optional Add-On securely connects your bank account to the spreadsheet (read-only) for a no-hassle up-to-date financial cockpit

What our champions say


Software developer

“The method really works. I wasn't sure how to improve my finances before but now I'm in control and less stressed about money, growing my savings/buffer and putting almost no effort into it!”


Nutrition counselor

“This method has helped me save 40% of my income consistently these last 6 months. The Add-On also helps me keep track of my finances in a nice overview, without manual effort involved.”


Personal assistant

“I saved 4k in 3 months using this strategy. It was crucial to paying off my credit card bills and saving a lot of money in interest and fees. No more credit, ever!”

Our way of dealing with money is changing

Banks are changing, and consumers are starting to be able to really benefit from it. The best modern consumer-facing banking applications are now some of the most advanced applications on the market. As a consumer we have access to abilities today which we could only dream of 10 years ago.

Not intuitive or accessible to everyone

Still, you need knowledge of both finance and technology to fully enjoy the new possibilities. If you’re not involved or knowledgeable of what’s possible, it's easy to fall behind the pace of change and miss out on important potentially life-changing development.

Financial health to everyone!

Hands-Off Money Flow is a brain-child of years of being involved with Fintech (Finance and Technology). It uses best practices and insights from personal finance management and digital banking.

Automation and integration

Previously it was necessary to create your own financial dashboard over years of trial and error or a degree in finance or similar. It was necessary to manually keep track of and import statements from all your different banks. Hands-Off Money Flow allows for a starting point so you can bypass those years of effort. The HOMF Add-on automatically connects your European bank to your financial dashboard so you get your updated bank data at your fingertips without any extra effort.

The Hands-Off Money Flow gives you the ability to:

  • done Always have the right money for those pesky bills and direct debits
  • done Be cool, calm and collected when faced with financial surprises
  • done Have full control of your financial strategy and grow your net worth to support your unique life goals
All while spending LESS effort than you most likely are currently!